Sunday 9 August 2015

In the Beginning God Created Yorkshire!


Since taking up Photography 4 years ago, one of my favourite subjects has been waterfalls.

Yorkshire - Gods Own County - is blessed with many of these wonderful features, but since injuring my back several years ago, I find access to many of them difficult. 

Having read several books in order to try and find the easiest routes to many of them, I have come to the conclusion that most of the books written on the subject are specifically written for the Rambler/Walker and take more "Circular" paths to the falls.

I have compiled (And by no means complete!) a list of Waterfalls and will endeavour, given time and good health, to visit as many as possible, and provide details of the easiest ways in which to reach them including parking. 

Unfortunately many are on private property or due to the landscape, dangerous and impossible to reach.  

For guidance on Walking and Access to Land, see the Ramblers web page

There are , of course, many small waterfalls marked on the Ordnance Survey Maps that are not named, but if you have any that I have not listed please contact me with Names and Locations and any other details, either by E mail, or on Facebook -

For clarification, I have decided that any Waterfall that is within the boundaries shown on this map will be recognised.

For those venturing out to visit these falls, remember!- Many are situated in deep steep valleys, extreme care should be taken if attempting to reach them!


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Walks to Yorkshire Waterfalls, Mary Walsh, A Cicerone Guide
More Walks to Yorkshire Waterfalls, Mary Walsh, A Cicerone Guide

And last but not least, this page from Matt O’Brien's "My Yorkshire Dales" Web post -

Maps and Plans may be obtained from

All maps and Plans - Contains OS data © Crown copyright [and database right] (2015, 2016, 2017)


  1. Hi Andy.
    Many thanks for taking the time and effort to post this pretty comprehensive guide to the waterfalls of Yorkshire. I am planning a couple of days of waterfall photography back in the home county in mid November and your guide is invaluable in discovering some of the lesser known falls.
    Best wishes


  2. Sorry Andy, that was not meant to be posted anonymously


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