Thursday, 27 August 2015

Whitfield Gill Force

Whitfield Gill Force

Not the easiest falls to reach! Follow the directions from Mill Gill Force. 
When you come to the finger post for Mill Gill, keep left and continue first through the woods, then edge along the pasture as you climb up. Ignore any other side paths. 
You will eventually reach a fork signed "Askrigg via Low straits". This will take you down to the "Upper Falls at Mill Gill.
 Keep left passing a barn, Continue on until you reach a sign saying "Path Ends 400 yds ahead No through route". 
Where the path disappears, start descending down the remains of an old muddy track with wooden edging in parts. 
This path eventually disappears due to land slip and can be very muddy after rain. The falls are at the end of this path.  
It is necessary to follow the stream bed up to the falls. 
I've never seen it in full flow but would imagine that when it is it would not be possible. Several trees have fallen at the base of the falls and it is not one of the most photogenic I've seen. 
Unless you really want to have a good workout, I'd give this a miss.

 "Askrigg via Low straits" to Upper Mill Gill Falls

"Path Ends 400 yds ahead No through route"

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