Sunday, 9 August 2015

Catrigg Force

Catrigg Force

There are 2 ways to reach Catrigg Force, The Hard way, and an Easy way. 
The first (and hardest - in Purple) is accessed after a steady walk from Stainforth  up Goat Scar Lane for approx 1.5km. (Post code for Parking in Stainforth is BD24 9QD)

The second (and easier route -in Red) means taking the road between Langcliffe and Malham. Passing Winskill Stones look for a cattle grid, Park here and follow the footpath across to the Falls.

When you reach a gate signposted " Catrigg Force Only", then go down to the top of the fall. The lower drops can be accessed by a steep climb down the ravine but it is not easy and can be slippy when wet. Once down, the middle drops can be accessed by a tricky climb back up from the lower falls, but care should be taken!

 View from Top
 Upper Falls

Upper Falls
Middle Falls (Upper)

Middle falls (Lower)

Lower Falls

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