Tuesday, 20 September 2016

Startling Fall

Startling Fall

If you have ventured in to Raydale to see some of the other falls around Marsett, High Ash Gill Scar, or Marsett Beck/Blea Dub, then you might as well go see this one as well. 

This is at the end of Raydale and can only be reached by going through Marsett. 
Follow the road until you reach Raydale Grange. There is room to park on the verge just past the first left hand bend.

 It is on private land, so seek permission first! (I have been informed that the local farmer is very amenable.) 

The only way to get to this fall is by scrambling up alongside the gill, not advisable without good waterproof footwear. 
The bracken is very dense further up - be warned!!

Marsett Beck - Blea Dub

Marsett Beck - Blea Dub

If you have ventured into Raydale to photograph some of the the other falls in the area, then these are a must. They can be done either as a loop after High (/Low) Ash Scar Gill or just as a walk from Marsett.
In either case park just by the bridge in Marsett. 

If you intend doing High Ash Scar Gill first, (follow the link), then follow the stream back down hill until you reach the wall.

If not then follow the track towards Green Head Cottage, and continue past, over the wooden footbridge until you come to the falls. Here you will see some blue polythene which has been wrapped around the barbed wire, and some man made steps allowing access to the falls. 

Stay water side of the fence and work your way back to Blea Dub before leaving.

"Cross the wooden footbridge!"
Watch for the Blue Polythene wrapped around the wire

Down the man made steps
Marsett Beck Falls

Blea Dub

Langstrothdale - River Wharfe

Langstrothdale - River Wharfe

At the very beginnings of the river Wharfe in Langstrothdale there can be found numerous small, but pleasant falls along this stretch of the river.

Starting at Deepdale bridge you have 2 options -

1/ Park the car just after Deepdale Bridge and walk back around over the bridge then following the Dales Way as far as Beckermond, then return, this way give access to many of the small falls and places where the limestone narrows forming tight channels. A walk of approx 2.5 miles round trip.

2/ Drive up, following the course of the river. The only downside to this is the lack of access and available parking once the road leaves the riverside. However it does then give you the opportunity to continue up as far as Oughtershaw. 

Falls at Oughtershaw, not a lot of water in them at the time.

Monday, 19 September 2016

High Ash Gill Scar (Low Ash Gill Scar)

High Ash Gill Scar
(& Low Ash Gill Scar)

One of several falls around Marsett in Raydale ( A small dale off Wensleydale). The main (and only) road in comes past Semer Water. (Do this as part of a circuit including Low Ash Gill, Marsett beck falls and Blea Dub.)

There is ample room to park adjacent to the bridge just as you enter Marsett. 
Walk back out of the village and take the lane up towards (Bella or) Knight Close. 
When the track turns left towards the farm look to your right - You will see a gate which will lead to a gated stile in the wall up a steep bank.
Cross the field to the next stile, then turn left and follow the wall along towards High Ash Scar.

Take the track up towards Knight Close

2 small drops precedes the larger one at the head of the Scar.

Main Falls

 High Ash Gill Scar

Follow the Stream down hill and you will come to a stone slab bridge over the stream. Here the water disappears underground and at the time of writing, has left Low Ash Gill Scar, completely DRY! 
I'm sure its 30'40' drop would be quite splendid so its worth another visit after more rain. Water does drop down into the gill nearby so it is not known if it has been diverted deliberately.

Caseker Gill Falls

Caseker Gill Falls

One of two waterfalls to the north east of Kettlewell in High Wharfedale, the other being Dowber Gill.

This one is easier to reach with not as much walking involved. 
Pass through the village and head out towards Coverdale on Cam Gill Road.

As you proceed uphill, you will come to a "Garage" by a right hand bend just as the road gets steep. There is room to park 2 cars here. 

Up hill to the stile

Cross the road and walk up hill for 30 meters. You will come to a gated stile leading into the field. Head left along the track. It is well defined to start with but soon disappears as you proceed along the gill. 

There is a nice waterfall just below the field but access is difficult.

Cross the Bridge!

Eventually you will come to a small footbridge and the path continues to the left on the other side. Just below the bridge there are some small falls but the main falls are just to the right hand side, hidden beneath some trees.

Hidden under the trees

Bordley Beck

Bordley Beck

Two Kilometres to the east of Gordale Scar, lies the hamlet of Bordley, however unless you intend to walk from there, the only access is from the east, from Threshfield near Grassington. 

From the B6160, (the main route up Wharfedale), take the turning towards Skirethorns and head along the single track lane. Pass the entrance to the quarry and take the right turn along Wood Lane which continues into Malham Moor Lane. 

At the end of the lane you will reach a cattle grid and room to park. Take note of the large rock and the plaque upon it bearing witness to the slaughter of animals due to the Foot & Mouth outbreak in 2000/01

Room to park
Epitaph !

"With Great Sadness"

From here its time to walk! 

Follow the lane toward the hamlet, turning left through the gate and heading down hill. 

At the sign post, turn left toward Lainger House and follow the track downhill. 

At the bottom of the lane, pass through the gate where the stream crosses in front of you and disappears through the rocky stream bed, On your right you will find another gate giving access to a small area of newly planted trees. You will see an old barn at the far end.

The stream passed in front of you

Area of newly planted trees

Old Barn

Climb the slope ahead and pass through another gate, Here turn right and leave the track walking down hill towards the old barn, keeping the wall on your right. You will shortly come to a hole in the wall from where you can access the waterfall on the right. It can be very slippy and wet under foot.

The fall is hidden beneath the tree canopy which makes it extremely dark, It is best photographed during winter when leaf coverage has gone.

Saturday, 9 July 2016

Stonesdale Beck

Stonesdale Beck

Venture up to the top of Swaledale and you're bound to find one of the many waterfalls in that area. 
Continue up towards Tan Hill (and its famous Inn!), and you will pass these delightful, not overly large falls at the side of the the road. 
The falls are approximately 2.5 miles from Keld. 
Look out for the large Green container on the right hand side as the road crosses the beck and park beside it. 
The first of the falls are here. 
Venture down stream for another 200m and you come across the second one preceded by some smaller drops. 

"Look out for the Green Container!"

"Smaller Drops"