Monday, 19 September 2016

High Ash Gill Scar (Low Ash Gill Scar)

High Ash Gill Scar
(& Low Ash Gill Scar)

One of several falls around Marsett in Raydale ( A small dale off Wensleydale). The main (and only) road in comes past Semer Water. (Do this as part of a circuit including Low Ash Gill, Marsett beck falls and Blea Dub.)

There is ample room to park adjacent to the bridge just as you enter Marsett. 
Walk back out of the village and take the lane up towards (Bella or) Knight Close. 
When the track turns left towards the farm look to your right - You will see a gate which will lead to a gated stile in the wall up a steep bank.
Cross the field to the next stile, then turn left and follow the wall along towards High Ash Scar.

Take the track up towards Knight Close

2 small drops precedes the larger one at the head of the Scar.

Main Falls

 High Ash Gill Scar

Follow the Stream down hill and you will come to a stone slab bridge over the stream. Here the water disappears underground and at the time of writing, has left Low Ash Gill Scar, completely DRY! 
I'm sure its 30'40' drop would be quite splendid so its worth another visit after more rain. Water does drop down into the gill nearby so it is not known if it has been diverted deliberately.

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