Monday, 19 September 2016

Caseker Gill Falls

Caseker Gill Falls

One of two waterfalls to the north east of Kettlewell in High Wharfedale, the other being Dowber Gill.

This one is easier to reach with not as much walking involved. 
Pass through the village and head out towards Coverdale on Cam Gill Road.

As you proceed uphill, you will come to a "Garage" by a right hand bend just as the road gets steep. There is room to park 2 cars here. 

Up hill to the stile

Cross the road and walk up hill for 30 meters. You will come to a gated stile leading into the field. Head left along the track. It is well defined to start with but soon disappears as you proceed along the gill. 

There is a nice waterfall just below the field but access is difficult.

Cross the Bridge!

Eventually you will come to a small footbridge and the path continues to the left on the other side. Just below the bridge there are some small falls but the main falls are just to the right hand side, hidden beneath some trees.

Hidden under the trees

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