Tuesday, 20 September 2016

Marsett Beck - Blea Dub

Marsett Beck - Blea Dub

If you have ventured into Raydale to photograph some of the the other falls in the area, then these are a must. They can be done either as a loop after High (/Low) Ash Scar Gill or just as a walk from Marsett.
In either case park just by the bridge in Marsett. 

If you intend doing High Ash Scar Gill first, (follow the link), then follow the stream back down hill until you reach the wall.

If not then follow the track towards Green Head Cottage, and continue past, over the wooden footbridge until you come to the falls. Here you will see some blue polythene which has been wrapped around the barbed wire, and some man made steps allowing access to the falls. 

Stay water side of the fence and work your way back to Blea Dub before leaving.

"Cross the wooden footbridge!"
Watch for the Blue Polythene wrapped around the wire

Down the man made steps
Marsett Beck Falls

Blea Dub

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