Tuesday, 20 September 2016

Startling Fall

Startling Fall

If you have ventured in to Raydale to see some of the other falls around Marsett, High Ash Gill Scar, or Marsett Beck/Blea Dub, then you might as well go see this one as well. 

This is at the end of Raydale and can only be reached by going through Marsett. 
Follow the road until you reach Raydale Grange. There is room to park on the verge just past the first left hand bend.

 It is on private land, so seek permission first! (I have been informed that the local farmer is very amenable.) 

The only way to get to this fall is by scrambling up alongside the gill, not advisable without good waterproof footwear. 
The bracken is very dense further up - be warned!!

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