Monday, 20 February 2017

Low Row - Laykin ( Hatters Sike ) Falls & Low Row Houses

Low Row Falls - Laykin ( Hatters Sike ) 
& Low Row Houses

These falls are actually un-named, but thought they were worth a mention.
Anyone venturing up Swaledale will pass by these without knowing they were there. 

Heading west from Reeth on the B6270, you will pass through the hamlets of Healaugh and Feethams. 
As you approach Low Row, look out for a triple garage on the right hand side (just past Hazel Brow) 
There is room to park a car at the side of these garages.

A walk of approx 300m up this track will bring you to "Laykin Falls"
Although un-named on the O/S Maps they lie on Hatters Sike, but I have given the name "Laykin" to them as my friend Les Martin (who pointed them out to me) found them whilst searching the web and came across a web page advertising Laykin Cottage Holiday. 

There are 3 main falls one is easily reached just the the side of the road by the ford, and another 2 lower down, which can be accessed by a short scramble.

Main Falls on the right of the Ford

After heading back to the main road, continue up Swaledale then take the next left turn towards Crackpot (1 mile). 
Cross Isles Bridge and take the next left. 
Follow this lane to the end, there is room to park at the side of the Falls (providing it's not in use. 
Low Row House falls

While you are there, don't forget to drop in on Crackpot Falls

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