Saturday, 22 August 2015

Disher Force

Disher Force

Just off the road from Carperby to Askrigg you will find Disher Force. Park at Woodhall, opposite the Garage/Petrol Station and take the track between the last barn on the right, where the post box is. Here, follow the track through the gate, as it snakes uphill away from the hamlet for 1/4 mile. When you reach the top you will find a sign post, follow the path to the right marked "Carperby 2 ml, Bolton Castle 4 1/4 ml", and after 230 m you will come to the top of the falls. It is a bit of a scramble down to the base of the falls but can be done with care (especially when wet) Turn left above the falls and follow the stream uphill and you will find some more delightful smaller falls.
Follow the Sign!

This way to the falls

View of the top

Lower Falls

And further Upstream!

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