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Aysgarth Falls.

Aysgarth Falls.

Aysgarth, Leyburn, North Yorkshire DL8 3TH (grid reference: SE 012 888)

The Falls actually consist of 3 Falls known as High, Middle and Lower. Parking for all 3 is at the National Parks Centre. Charges for parking are applicable. There are some smaller falls further down river, (see later)

Although there are pathways to each of the falls, Access to the High fall crosses bare rock, which can be slippy when wet. The middle fall can only be seen from a viewing platform down several steep steps, and the lower falls can only be accessed from the top - unless you are able to climb down a small gully.
For more information  see:-

Map of the route 

Upper Falls

Distance from visitor centre

Middle Falls only

Are you able to climb down the small gully?

Footpath to the top of the lower falls and way back

Lower Falls

Smaller falls 

Access to these is from the main A684 road.

If you're heading up the dale, heading through through Swinithwaite, go past the first turning to West Burton and then just past the "famous" Aysgarth "AA telephone Box",
where the road bends to the left, (before the bridge) there is a lay-by on the right hand side. 
Park here and, watching out for traffic, head forward over the bridge.
Look out for the footpath which crosses diagonally across the field.
Follow this through the gate at the other end then along the bank to the falls. 
When it was really dry, earlier this year, I managed to walk down stream from the Lower falls to these smaller ones, using the dried up river bed!

AA Telephone Box
Head forward over the bridge
Diagonally across the field
Through the gate
I'm not sure about this? 

Lower, Lower falls!

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