Saturday, 15 August 2015

Aysgill Force

Aysgill Force

There are several ways to reach this fall, One is to follow the beck up from Gayle (which means parking in Hawes and walking the mile or so to Gayle first. 
This one is a shorter version. 
Drive through Gayle and exit on Beggermans Road. 
Once you have passed the 1st farm house on the right, there is a layby on the left. 
Park here then walk back past the farm to a previous lay-by just before the farm (approx 375m). 
Climb over the ladder style and descend the hill (Moderate to steep but easy going) Climb the 2nd ladder style at the bottom and turn left. 
Cross the small bridge and then turn right along the path. 
The fall is approx 200m along this path.
Apparently it is possible to reach the foot of the falls but I think it would need someone a bit more daring than me to do it!

View from path

View from Top

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