Thursday, 10 March 2016

Ure Force

Ure Force

Whilst you are in the vicinity of Cotter Force and Mossdale Beck Falls, Ure Falls is a "must see". 
2 wonderful falls cascade down either side of a lovely stone bridge surrounded by wonderful scenery. 
Continue along the A684 from Appersett until you get to the Moorcock Inn. Take the right turn onto the B6259. 
There is a lay-by on your left, or park in the Pub car park. 
Behind you is the Dandrymire Viaduct, on the Settle to Carlisle railway. 
Walk 25m past the pub car park until you come to a stile leading you to the footpath which tracks diagonally across the moorland towards Yore House. 
Alternatively continue a further 200m along the road until you come to the gated entrance to "Cobbles Hill", the access lane to Yore House. 
Either way both lead you to the stone bridge where the lower part of Ure Force cascades down. 
Look upstream to see the upper part.

Wonderful Scenery!


  1. I completely agree with Andy, these falls and surrounding scenery are a must see,


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