Tuesday, 8 March 2016

Jenny Whalley Force

Jenny Whalley Force

"Ravenseat - in the middle of Nowhere" - Is how the place is described on the Ravenseat Website
Home to the "World Famous" Tweeting Shepherdess, Amanda Owen. 
Approx 8 Km North West of Keld on the Coast to Coast Route, it is probably the most remote farm in Yorkshire but a good place to park if you want to visit several waterfalls. 

Jenny Whalley is the nearest being a mere 250 meters north of the farm. 
The Ordnance Survey National Pathways map shows the acceptable route as follows:-

Leave the vehicle and cross the small bridge toward the farm, 
turn immediately right over the second bridge then head up towards the cottages, 
then turn left through the gate and head back down towards the farm yard skirting around behind the barn and over another bridge. 
Head through the farm yard and out of the gate at the far end. 
The waterfall is on the right further on. The area in front of the fall has recently been planted with saplings and has been fenced off. 

If you are "up for it", and have a good pair of wellies, follow Hoods Bottom Beck upstream past "High Force Fall" for approx 1.5 Km to some more interesting falls at Graining Scar. 

Cross the Bridge

Head toward the cottages

Skirt around the barn and cross another bridge


  1. This is another good area not only for the falls, but the surrounding area to take some interesting photographs.

  2. I will be going back when it's a bit drier!


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