Thursday, 10 March 2016

Mossdale Beck Falls

Mossdale Beck Falls

If you've been to Cotter Force, then there is no reason why you shouldn't call at the delightful Mossdale Beck falls as well. 
Take the A684 road out of Hawes through Appersett and after approx 4 km you will come to Thwaite Bridge. 
Park in the Lay-by where the large mounds of gravel are. 
You have 2 choices. 
1/ Either follow the signposted National Park pathway, which starts opposite the small bridge. This takes you up and over the Fall Rigg hill and down to the farm yard. A short but steepish climb through boggy terrain. 
2/ Follow the road way around Fall Rigg through the Farm yard. Although there are no signs saying "Private", there is no public right of way, so best ask permission if possible. 

There are 2 delightful falls to be seen, and more further upstream as well.


  1. These were a nice surprise having the upper and lower falls, another good find by Andy.

  2. Thanks Les. The map shows more higher up - worth investigating


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