Tuesday, 8 March 2016

Hardcastle Crag

Hardcastle Crag

If you are ever in the quaint town of Hebden Bridge, set in the Calder Valley in West Yorkshire, then a trip to Gibson Mill and Hardcastle Crag is a must! 

For more information and directions check the National Trust Website here - National Trust - Hardcastle Crags.

Park in the car park (Pay and Display - except National Trust Members) at Midgehole Road, and take the steady 20 minute walk up to Gibson Mill, (or follow one of the woodland trails!) 

Once at the Mill, cross the small footbridge on the left then turn right, there the waterfall cascades in several drops down from Heptonstall Moor. 

Go between the buildings and cross the small footbridge

Waterfall reflecting in the Mill Pond
Gibson Mill


  1. It's a decent hike from the car park, but well worth the effort, the reflection shot Andy shows here makes it all worthwhile


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