Wednesday, 2 September 2015

Stalling Busk - High Park Scar, Park Scar, Black Arc & Keld Scar

Stalling Busk- 

 High Park Scar, Park Scar & Black Arc 

Stalling Bush, south of Bainbridge, not far from Semer Water, is the location of this trio of falls. These should be done as a group, but the walk is not for the faint hearted. 
The Land is not Public Access but Permissive Access and only accessible between May and October. 
Although the start is easy, there are some steep slopes, and boggy patches to negotiate followed by a steep walk up a rough track at the end. It took me an hour to do the full circle and that was not taking into account taking photographs!
You can obtain a free route description (Walk 2) from Raydale Preserves, in the Hamlet. 

Keld Scar

This is a very small waterfall in volume but approx 20ft drop. It can be reached in a couple of minutes thorugh the hamlet, but is over grown and dark due to overgrowth and its north-west facing location.

Keld Scar

High Park Scar

Park Scar

Black Arc

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