Wednesday, 2 September 2015

Carplay Green - Burnet Force & Water Ling Falls

Burnet Force and Water Ling Falls

Burnet Force

As you drive from Aysgarth towards Bainbridge, at the top of the hill just before you drop down in to Bainbridge, take the left turn towards Semer Water. Approx 700m along this road, take the road branching to the left, "Carplay Green Road". 
Follow this until you reach the Farm at the end. 
To reach Burnet force, first get permission from the occupants of the farm house! - It is not public land. 
Walk back 60m until you reach the barn on it's own. Opposite is a gate. Pass through this gate and follow the wall on the left, down hill. Make a detour at the outcrop as it is very boggy (knee deep!) in this section. As you reach the end of the wall there is another gate under which the land drains off. Climb this gate and the force is on your left. Return to the Farmhouse for the next fall - 

Water Ling Falls

This time pass through the gate at the side of the farmhouse and follow the track uphill for approx 500m. As you pass through the gate at the top of the track, the falls are on your right. Take care going down to the base, the hillside is boggy and slippy.

Walk back to the 1st Barn and go through the gate (on the left by the telegraph post)

Burnet Force

Looking back to the Farm
Water Ling Falls

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