Monday, 14 September 2015

Scow Force

Scow Force

Follow the course of the River Dee along Dentdale and you will discover many small  but pretty falls just at the road side. 
Further along the road, look out for the Red Post Box stood on its own, just opposite the is a gap in the wall where it is possible to climb down to the top of the main falls and wade across if not too deep or in full flow- caution, the rock can be slippy!
Parking along the roadside is difficult as the roads are narrow and there are not many places to park safely. 
Scow Force has the benefit of being close to Deeside House Hostel so it may be possible to park there, but please don't block access!  
The Falls are situated between the falls at Denthead Viauct and Artengill Viaduct so can be visited at the same time.

The Red Post Box

The Red Post Box can be seen through the trees

The gap in the wall just hidden by the top Right branches!

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