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Water Arc and Walk Mill Foss

Water Arc and Walk Mill Foss

Along with Thomason Foss, Nelly Ayre Foss and Mallyan Spout, Water Arc and Walk Mill Foss make up the 5 waterfalls around Goathland on the North Yorkshire Moors.

You have 2 choices to start with, 
Either park in one of the car parks in Goathland for the half mile walk,
If you don't fancy walking, then the best place to park is on the grass verge opposite the footpath between Goathland and Beck Hole. 

This footpath takes you down to the track-side of the NY Moors Steam Railway.
Continue under the bridge, across the footbridge.

The choice then is Left or Right?

Water Arc

For Water Arc, head left along the footpath which arcs around to the other railway bridge. 
Where the footpath starts heading away from the  stream and track, look to your left. It is possible to clamber down under the bridge for a distance shot of the falls, however if you look back up stream, behind a fallen tree trunk there is a narrow track which can be, very carefully, negotiated down to the foot of the falls. 
Extreme care is needed!

Cross the footbridge then take your choice,  Left or Right
Take extreme care accessing the bottom of the falls

Bottom of the falls
Long distance view from the bottom of the bridge

Walk Mill Foss
Second choice is the easier of the two, but can be wet and quite boggy after rain.
Once you've crossed the footbridge take the path to the right, but don't head up hill. Follow the wall upstream, this stops about half way but continue and you will eventually reach the falls. Total distance from the footbridge is approx 450m

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