Monday, 12 June 2017

Ingleton Waterfalls

 Ingleton Waterfalls

I'm not going to dwell about these too long, there is plenty of information on the web about these falls. 

From a photographers point of view, as the 2 rivers that host the various falls are set in steep sided valleys, the falls, with the exception of Thornton Force can only be photographed from the pathways and viewing platforms which run alongside the 2 rivers, The Twiss and the Doe. 

The rivers run north to south, so the falls are, for the most of the day facing the sun. 
They are also surrounded by dense woodland which can make the locations dark, which can prove to be a challenge - so a tripod should be considered. 

The best times of the year would be in Spring before the leaves appear or in late Autumn after the leaves have fallen. Avoid sunny days, a slightly overcast one would be better.

The trail can be difficult and can take as long as 4 hours to get fully around. It doesn't matter which way you go or from which end you start, but remember, there is a charge! 
The map is from a recent walk I did for our Photography group.
Whilst you are there, why not take a walk up on to Twistleton Scar and takes some photographs of the beautiful countryside that is Gods Own County of Yorkshire.

Pecca Falls
Pecca Falls

Pecca Falls
Hollybush Spout

Thornton Force
Above Thornton Force
All 3 above are Rival Falls
Beezley Falls

Baxengyhll Gorge
Snow Falls

                                                 Snow Falls

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