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Golden Grove and Rigg Mill Beck

Golden Grove and Rigg Mill Beck

The falls of Golden Grove  and Rigg Mill beck can be found just outside the lovely fishing town of Whitby, on Yorkshires East coast. 

Golden Grove is not accessible as it sits within the garden of a small cottage by the side of the beck, but it can be viewed from the pathway, over the roof top of the cottage. 

Unless you are intending to visit elsewhere, it is not worth making a special effort just for this waterfall, however, IF you intend to go, park in Ruswarp and follow the road over the river and railway heading for Golden Grove (see map). 
The more pleasing route is by the "Public Footpath" instead of following the lane up to it. Keep to the left hand side of the beck as you head upstream but don't cross the bridge when you come to it. As you reach the cottage, look to you right over the roof top to see the falls

The more pleasing route is this way

Don't cross this !

Golden Grove
 Rigg Mill Beck Falls

For Rigg Mill beck. Head towards the hamlet of Sneaton. There are several places to park but the nearest is by the pub at the end of the road. 
Don't go any further as this is just a track leading to the farm. 

When you reach the sign for the farm, turn right down a muddy footpath. Continue down this track until you reach the stream. Don't cross the footbridge, instead carry on upstream on the right hand side. It does become very muddy and boggy in places. The 3 falls can be found where the main stream is joined by another beck.

When you reach the sign for the farm, turn right down a muddy footpath.

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