Saturday, 9 July 2016

Swinner Gill

Swinner Gill

Another set of Falls close to Keld in upper Swaledale. 
There are 
several Falls are on Swinner Gill, but the easiest are at the bottom just past Crackpot Hall. 
Park in Keld - and don't forget the "Honesty Box"! - £2 all day is great value. 
The first part of the journey is just over a mile and can take between 25 and 45 mins depending on your fitness levels. For the most it is reasonably flat apart from the drop down to East Gill Force and back up again. 
Of course its worth stopping here and including the falls in your trip.

Once you have reached Crackpot Hall spend time to taking in the view down Swaledale to Muker and explore the ruins of the "Hall" itself.

View down to Muker

Crackpot Hall

Now you have a choice, Upper or Lower. I chose the upper one first, intending on doing a loop around and back down the other side to the lower falls.

However, on reaching the upper falls (which were dry except the ones coming from East Grain) I discovered that parts of the path had been washed away and were quite boggy.

Having the dog with me I didn't risk going any further so came back down the same route.


And another!


East Grain

Having returned to Crackpot Hall, I then continued on down to the lower falls

Old Lead Smelting Mill


  1. Cracking view from Crackpot hall, sounds an interesting set of falls

  2. Yes, I would like to explore the top ones a bit more, but as you can see, under the bridge, they were dry at the time.


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