Friday, 20 May 2016

Upper River Rye Falls

Upper River Rye Falls and Blow Gill

Not far from Osmotherly, in the North Yorkshire Moors is this collection of small but interesting waterfalls. 
Take the road from Osmotherly to Hawnby and take in the views of the Moors. 
After approx 6 km (from the centre of Osmotherly) you will come to a small copse of trees on the left. 
Park here and follow the path around Douglas Ridge. The land is Open Access (See for restrictions. The walk will take approx 45 mins. 


If you fancy a slight detour before you get there, continue on the road to Thimbleby for 5 minutes and you will come to a small ford, over which passes Oakdale Beck,  either side are 2 delightful waterfalls which I suspect are man-made. (see map)

Low Cote

After your visit, continue along the road to Hawnby another 1.5 km and you will come to the small farm at Low Cote. Take the track down to the river - approx 500 m and you can see the fall on the other side of the river. The land at that side is private and rather boggy!

Blow Gill

Continue along the road for a further 3 Km and you will come to a sharp left hand bend followed by a sharp right hand one. The falls are here under the road. It is possible to park here.

Route to Snilesworth

Around the Moor
On our return we met a group of local gamekeepers who suggested that it would be OK to cut through the enclosure of Snilesworth Lodge back to the cattlegrid (see blue line), thus avoiding the nesting game birds on the moor.

Upper River Rye


Either Side of the Ford
To the Left

Down below to the right

Low Cote

Park by this sign

Blow Gill

At the side of the Road


  1. Not the biggest of falls, but three in a cluster, (how does Andy find them?) it's a good walk and the return journey is a good climb up enjoy!

  2. How I find them is a secret Les ;-) as for good climb up! that's an understatement


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