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Keld Hole Falls

Keld Hole Falls

Not far from Scaling beck falls is another nice waterfall called Keld Hole.
Travel on the A191 past the Scaling Dam Reservoir towards Whitby. Turn left after the reservoir towards Borrowby. Take the 2nd track on the left towards "Little Scaling Farm".

When you reach the first cottage, park on the left just before it. 
You will see a gate with sign saying "Path Diverted Follow Way-marks". Go thorough this and head towards the next gate. The O/S Map shows the path leading down to the left just before this 2nd gate. Ignore it. You will see a stile just to the left which you can cross, but it is possible to go through the gate. Turn immediately left here and follow the hedgerow down to the end of the field. Here you will find another gate, go through and follow the path to a bridge over the stream. 

The falls are formed in 2 parts, a series of shallow drops under the bridge followed by a 3m drop which is hidden by a fallen tree. It is possible to gain access to the smaller falls by climbing the fence at the far end of the bridge. 
HINT - Carry a pair of gardening pruners to "fight" your way down through the brambles! 

It may be possible to gain access to the bottom of the bigger falls, however care should be take as it is steep and slippy. For this you will need to follow the wire fence partway back towards the last gate you came through.

Look for the sign!
Park here just before the cottages
Through this gate and head for the next
Smaller Falls
Steep Drop!

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