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A-Z Of Waterfalls in Yorkshire


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FALLS Location Map Reference
Abbey Force Bainbridge SD 935909
Acroy Gill Force Cotterdale SD 824909
Arten Gill Falls Dent Head SD 776859
Ash Force Cotterdale SD 830956
Ashfold Side Beck Falls Pateley Bridge SE 108661
Aysgarth Falls   Aysgarth SE 009885 / SE 014886 / SE 017887
Aysgill Force Gayle SD 864884
Bainbridge Bainbridge SD 901935
Baxenghyll Gorge Ingleton SD 705745
Baysdale Beck Tributary Falls Castleton NZ 652074
Beezley Falls  Ingleton SD 705746
Beldon Beck Castle Bolton SE 021915
Black Arc Stalling Busk SD 912856
Black Foss Addingham SE 094508
Blake Beck Force Dent Head SD 765855
Blea Gill Grassington SE 045661
Blea Hill Beck Falls Whitby NZ 985022
Blow Gill Hawnby nr Osmotherly SE 528933
Bordley Beck Grassington SD 944645
Botcher Gill Falls Gunnerside NY 941005
Brants Head Gill Horton in Ribblesdale SD 813729
Bronte Falls Haworth SD 998357
Brow Gill Beck

Buckden Gill
Horton In Ribblesdale 

High Wharfedale
SD 798775 

SD 949777/947776

Burnet Force

Carplay Green

SD 943874
Caseker Gill Falls Kettlewell SD 983743 / 987753 / 985744
Cat Leap Waterfall Askrigg SD 981904
Catrake Force Keld NY 891006 
Catrigg Force Stainforth SD 832671
Cauldron (The) Waterfall West Burton SE 020866
Cautley Spout Sedbergh SD 681975
Clapham Beck Falls Clapham SD 745694
Cliff Beck Falls aka Scarr House Falls Thwaite SD 895978
Cliff Force

Cliff Wood Falls

Stean Nidderdale
SD 875962

SE 085741
Clough Force Garsdale SD 783922
Coal Force Cotterdale SD 818966
Cosh Beck - Lower Halton Gill SD 893746
Cosh Beck - Upper Halton Gill SD 863779
Cote Gill Waterfall Arncliffe Cote SD 933692
Cotter Force Hawes SD 848913 
Cow Dub  Kirkby Lonsdale SD 675805
Crackpot Falls aka Haverdale Beck Falls Crackpot SD 975969
Cray & Crook Gill Falls Cray
Currack Force Keld SD 945796 
Dean Beck Falls Keighley NY 888016
Deep Gill Force East Witton SE 003404
Denthead Falls Dent Head SE 147844
Disher Force Askrigg SD 776845
Dockra Bridge Falls Cowgill SD 960909
Dowber Gill Kettlewell SD 756875
Ease Gill Falls (See also Cow Dub) Kirkby Lonsdale SD 978726
Easegill Force Ingleton SD 662802 & SD 653789 / SD 675805
East Gill Force Keld SD 712728
Falling Foss Whitby NZ 889036
Folly Dolly Falls Meltham SE 105114
Force Gill Waterfall Whernside SD 758819 / 757820 / 753823
Foss Gill Airton SD 914597
Gaping Gill Clapham SD 751727
Gayle Hawes SD 872893
Ghaistrill's Strid Grassington SD 993645
Goit Stock Falls Bingley SE 077366
Golden Grove Whitby nr Ruswarp NZ 902086
Gordale Scar Malham SD 914640 / 915641
Graining Scar

Great Force

West Scrafton - Coverdale
NY 864047 / 868049

SE 073825
Great Fryup Dale Falls Kirkby Moorside (Whitby) NZ 716018
Green's Clough Todmorden SD 892260
Gunnerside Gill Gunnerside NY 937020
Hagg Beck Langstrothdale SD 899781 / 898779
Hard Level Force Gunnerside NY 967007
Hardcastle Crags  Hebden Bridge SD 988291
Hardraw Force & Hardraw Beck Falls Hardraw SD 869917
Harmby Falls Harmby nr Leyburn SE 127898
Haverdale Beck Falls (aka Crackpot Falls) Crackpot SD 975969
Hawes Hawes SD 895875
Hayburn Wyke Falls Scarborough TA 010971
Hebblethwaite Gill Falls Sedbergh SD 703931
Hellgill Force Appersett SD 778966
Heugh Gill Skipton SE 017548
High Ash Scar Gill Raydale
High Force (see also Jenny Whalley Force) Ravenseat NY 986305
High Park Scar Stalling Busk SD 914853
Hindlethwaite Gill Coverdale SE 057809
Hoggarths Leap Keld NY 889015
Holly Bush Spout Ingleton SD 695751
Horton Gill Force

Howe Stean Falls


Stean, Nidderdale

SD 905885

SE 082743

Hud's Force Cowgill SD 754867
Hull Pot Horton in Ribblesdale SD 824745
Hunt Pot Horton in Ribblesdale SD 825742
Ibbeth Peril Cowgill SD 742865
Ivelet Force Ivelet SD 935983
Janet's Foss Malham SD  912633
Jenny Whalley Force (see also High Force) Ravenseat NY 9863025
Keld Hole   Roxby  NZ 754140
Keld Scar Stalling Busk SD 915860
Kildale Beck (Aka Old Meggison) Kildale NY 898010
Kisdon Force Keld SD 891797
Laykin (Hatters Sike) Falls Low Row, Swaledale SD 979978
Linton Falls Grassington
Little Hud's Force Cowgill SD 722837
Lockingarth Falls Deepdale SD 896866
Low Ash Scar Gill Raydale
Low Row Houses Low Row, Swaledale SD 982972
Lumb Falls Hebden Bridge SD 992314
Malham Force Malham Cove
Mallyan Spout Goathland NZ 824010
March Haigh Reservoir Falls Marsden SE 018128
Marsett Beck Raydale SD 893861

Mathew Bridge Force

Mel Beck Falls


Carlton - Coverdale
SD 822955

SE 063848
Mill Gill Force (upper Mill Gill falls and Whitfield Force) Askrigg SD 939915
Mill Scar Lash Grassington SD 982665
Mossdale Falls Nr Appersett (Hawes) SD 918826
Nelly Ayre Foss Goathland SE 814997
Nelly Force Redmire SE 043916
Nidd Falls Lofthouse nr Pateley Bridge SE 101739
North Landing Waterfall Flamborough TA 238721
Orgate Force Marske NZ 088018
Oxnop Gill Ivelet SD 932975
Park Scar Stalling Busk SD 914855
Pecca Falls  Ingleton SD 695749
Posforth Gill Waterfall Bolton Abbey SE 079566
Rainby Force Keld NY 885015
Redmire Force Redmire SE 044901
Richmond Richmond
Rigg Mill Beck Whitby NZ 908076
Rival Falls  Ingleton SD 705747
Scale Haw Falls Hebden nr Grassington SE 025639
Scaleber Force Settle SD 841625
Scaling Beck Falls Loftus (Whitby)
Scarr House Falls aka Cliff Beck Falls Thwaite SD 895978
Scow Force Dent Head SD 774851
Seavy Sike Force Cotterdale SD 821959
Sleets Gill Beck Arncliffe SD 962695
Snow Falls  Ingleton SD 703743
Stainforth Force Stainforth SD 818671
Startling Fall Raydale SD 896849
Stonesdale Beck West Stonesdale NY 884042
Strid (The) Bolton Abbey SE 064565
Swinner Gill Falls Keld
Thomasson Foss Goathland - Beck Hole  NY 909005
Thwaite Swaledale SD 891981
Thornton Force  Ingleton NZ 826021 827022
Tounge Gill  Stainforth SD 695752
Upper River Rye Falls Hawnby nr Osmotherly SD 826675
Upper Wharfe - Langstrothdale Langstrothdale SE 001633 / 002632
Ure Force Appersett SE 513963
Wain Wath Force Keld SD 918826
Walk Mill Foss Goathland NY 882015
Water Ling Falls Carplay Green NZ 833022
Waterfall Gill Skipton SD 944865
Waterfall Rock

Long Preston

SD 986567

SD 855902/856904
Wensley Wensley SD 855581
West Burton Falls (Caudron Falls) West Burton SE 094898
Wharfe Gill Sike Austwick SE 019867
Whitfield Gill Force (See also Mill Gill Force) Askrigg SD 787693
Yew Cogar Cave Arncliffe  SD 934922
Yew Scar Force Ivelet SD 908697


  1. Wow thank you, you have done a tremendous amount of work on this blogg. I have added to my favourites bars, need to learn how to shoot waterfalls have no excuse now that I do know where to go. Thanks again and thank you for sharing.

    1. Thanks Gail, sorry for the late reply, If you want to join us and "learn" ;-) See Facebook "Yorkshire Photography and Meetup Group "

  2. A wonderful resource you've put together Andy. I love to shoot waterfalls also and your guides are becoming the go to list for prospective shoots.

    I've put a blog post up on my own site as I'm sure many of my fellow photographers would find your site very useful.

    Many Thanks
    Gary Turner,

  3. Thanks very much Gary, I'm glad you appreciate them, and I will continue to add to as I get "there" LOL> If you have any comments on individual post please feel free :-)

  4. Do you have any photos of the waterfalls at Great Fryup Head ?


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